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Before Bedtime


I have many identities. They are my clothes.
I must wear them to function in society.
I select from my wardrobe, before I go out,
Which identity suits me. Sometimes I may doubt
If my clothing tools will function adequately
So the spirit in me aims to be as it shows.

Mostly, they are invisible, I can forget
That they are so. So, when I have reached the day’s end,
I will take time to ponder all garments I wore,
Then disrobe and place everything in the night drawer.
My discrete personalities can’t help but blend.
If I slept while I’m wearing them, then I would sweat.

As I walk through the garden, I do so as me.
I don’t walk as a sun sign or beast with a name.
I exist as pure life force, but with the firmware,
I can work here with others and learn how to care.
My true self and the things I wear are not the same.
So, at bedtime, I pray that my spirit be free.