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Before It’s Too Late

Joyful Moment

You can’t change things that happened a long time ago.
Don’t be bitter with yourself about what you’ve done
That showed your disconnection from reality
In the distant past. Right now is where you should be.
In this moment the rest of your life is begun.
There’s still some time left for your consciousness to grow.

Happiness isn’t the absence of problems. It’s
The ability to deal with them. Challenges
Aren’t to be backed down from as they offer the best
Lessons in life. You’re not being put through a test
So ignore most completely what anyone says
To the contrary. Live what your knowing permits.

Discuss your past with no one because only you
Know the true story and any significance
It may have to the present. They just may use it
Against you. Generally others are unfit
To hear that information. Don’t give them the chance
To create their own drama and skewed point of view.

Life changes for the better when you realize
That you don’t have to know everything and you don’t
Have to pretend that you do. If you can become
And eagle then don’t strive to be first among some
Flock of jackdaws. Decide in you mind that you won’t
Let the past be what causes your early demise.

Change Your Expectation

A Better Outlook

Try to spend a little more time thinking about
What you want and a little less wondering how
You will get it. Your platform of expectation
Launches you into the very next creation
When a change in your outlook you learn to allow.
Take your focus off ‘what is’ if it causes doubt.

‘What is’ is so pervasive – so much in your face.
Difficult it is to escape its influence
As it gnaws at the psyche and swallows the soul
But you must know that you have absolute control
Of your thoughts and emotions. It makes perfect sense
That ‘what is’ is a thing you foolishly embrace.

‘What is’ changes to ‘what is’ as you notice it
And offer a vibration about it so that
It will manifest and you will notice it more.
The cycle continues and life seems like a chore.
‘What is’ isn’t really worth your looking hard at.
True change will come when to the future you commit.

When you merge together the platform from where you
Are with something that you want that is beyond it
That’s when expectation changes. Think more about
Where you’re going and know that things are working out
For you always. Lay off of ‘what is’ just a bit.
Raise your consciousness so you get a better view.