The Emotional Journey

All along the x axis our feelings are placed.
They can move about slightly and overlap some.
They have lives of their own yet we blend them with ours.
Some of them are from Venus and some are from Mars.
Nothing much keeps them going but always they come
At our beaconing when unto them we are faced.

Though they are called a spectrum, they’re just on a dial.
I select each by how fast vibration takes place
Of the life force available right here and now.
The more speed I accomplish, the more I allow.
Does my progress depend upon winning some race?
I think not. I’ll kick back and just cruise for a while.

My journey is emotional… mental as well.
Long before I arrived here, my plan was to be
An observer and student of life and its ways.
What I feel on this path does enthrall me most days.
Every nerve of my being can help me to see
I can head toward true happiness and therein dwell.

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