The Comfort in Fear

I am going through major transitions right now.
That may seem rather obvious by my lifestyle.
I believe staying high is the best way to die
While I’m writhing away under fun colored sky.
I’m no kin to the present. I feel, though, erstwhile
To the fear of my failing. That I can’t allow.

When I feel fear, it means that my thinking is wrong.
Someone else who knows me has a much different take.
When we both think the same, then my living is fine.
When I’m fearful and he’s not, that is a sure sign
That I’ve made something up that has caused me heartbreak.
He is my higher self who knows where I belong.

There’s a comfort in fear that I know must be true
By the wisdom it stirs within my yearning heart.
When I find I’m afraid of the dawn’s early light.
I must know that’s not real and thus cannot be right.
There’s no world I can think of that’s falling apart.
All that which I had feared can be looked at anew.

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