Why Do I Cry?


In its essence, it’s innocence of the unknown
And the known joining seamlessly nestled in love.
I sometimes know why I cry, as most people do.
We all tend to feel deeply. We are creatures who,
When consumed in sheer happiness, wouldn’t think of
Somehow keeping it hidden, or else barely shown.

I grow older, and as I do, sometimes I find
There’s a mix in my energy that I can feel.
If I stop to take notice of my heart’s desire,
I may find that there’s nothing that I need acquire.
In that moment of knowing, I cannot conceal
Where the new thought has taken me as I’m aligned.

My desire is a yearning for that which is known
To be ideal implicitly for one and all.
We all come here from kindness and pure loving light.
We all know how to make love and frolic despite
Any emergent issue we’d deem falderal.
As I get used to crying, my spirit has grown.

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