Evidence of Satisfaction

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I can find satisfaction within a small space
That is cordoned off mindfully upon this Now.
There’s no need to search hither, nor thither nor yon.
I can find something blissful to happen upon
Within any life circumstance. I can allow
Satisfaction to happen perhaps any place.

One could say that such mind trick would not work in hell.
That might surely be true if indeed one were there.
One could cry out in torment and billowing pain
Then remember he’ll never flash flood due to rain.
When I focus on good stuff, life’s not such a bear.
As I look for some novel things, I do quite well.

I can think of dear Abigail with her cold nose
And the fun ditsy dancing she does in the rain.
This – alone – makes my heart warm and fills me with joy.
I am not sentimental. I’m not being coy.
Simple logic dictates that there’s always some gain
In detecting my clues as the Evidence shows.

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