Emotional Consequences

Uncertainty In Turst

With a sense of detachment, the rational mind,
Less affected by tension, must take ample care
Not to seem not compassionate. That’s hard to do
When the person you’re helping appears just as you.
Empathy and a willingness to come aware
Of another’s predicament is only kind.

Logic has consequences. The cost may be high
As the hot air of intellect. Feelings remain
In a well-controlled corner most safe and secure
From awkward situations that make one unsure.
There’s enough interaction to service each brain.
Mutual is the blessing exchanged eye to eye.

I can learn and appreciate beauty and joy
As it stands right before me in pure clarity.
Every inner and outer child knows about play.
We all excel at fun in a natural way
That gets thwarted when dealing with reality.
Both the mind and emotions we all can employ.

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