Tacit Agreements

Natural Commerce

To the needs of the present my focus is drawn.
As I pay close attention to natural ties
To the infinite cosmos, relationships are
Blessed with true understanding. It cannot stray far
From the contracts apparent that no soul denies
Due to interdependence which life relies on.

Motivated by teamwork, to thrive is the goal.
Individual energy shares in exchange
For continual sharing in provident grace.
Connection with all parts each unit must embrace.
What cannot be of value one can’t prearrange
Nor can that which is unworthy blend with the whole.

Tacit are the agreements among everyone.
We refer to the golden rule if there’s a need
For the reiteration of what sets us free
To support one another most wholeheartedly.
Pleasure, when found in structure, can help all succeed
On the path toward fulfillment with ill will toward none.

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