The Vortex

Galactic Shimmer

Your Vortex is the most expanded part of you.
Yes, that’s right. It’s a person with whom you can be
Totally in alignment. Your inner being
Is the same thing. When with it you are agreeing
Then your life is of happiness and clarity.
You get to stay there for as long as you want to.

Sometimes it seems like there’s a slight separation
Between your inner being and your Vortex but
It’s just a misperception. When you’re not aligned
With your Vortex then only confusion you’ll find.
You don’t want to slam the door to happiness shut
By denying your part in your own creation.

You’ve put things into your Vortex gradually
Moment by moment. In a vibrational state
They remain until you allow them to become
Manifested. You are not separated from
Its becoming. You don’t have to investigate
Why it’s not. Just remember that you are worthy.

You don’t own anything that is physical here
In this time space reality. You’re the current
Players with and perceivers of thought energy.
You’re here to access it all temporarily
As true evidence of wellbeing. You were meant
To behold and enjoy all the things you hold dear.

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