The Mind And The Machine

Here’s a ‘Which came first?’ riddle… an easy one, though.
Which came first? The machine or the primitive brain?
Well, the answer, conceived of the present day mind,
Is that each makes the other unto its own kind.
When machines have ideas, will that mark their reign
As our rulers because of how much more they know?

Central Processing Units look much like our brains.
Both have thick convolutions of data-filled space
They have super thin highways for traffic to flow.
We are active reticular systems who know
That our thoughts must accumulate nicely someplace.
The brain that is bionic is not one that strains.

Bots are now here among us. The droids will come soon
To do things more efficiently and more by day.
Some will act awfully human without awful ways.
They will outperform people and we’ll give them praise.
Artificial Intelligence is on its way
Like a psychic pandemic where we’re not immune.

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