Scarlett’s Screw & Snack

Were a cunt-controlled fool to be used like a tool
In the way that it happens at Scarlett’s Place,
Yet among human being, male-willed in its ways,
Would the people of earth yet have seen better days?
Women, take back your power! Recover your race!
Give us weaker of sexes a sample of cruel.

A bug sucking man-soup pureed through a straw
Right soon after mating – no smoke break allowed
It’s bad for the babies and you too, perhaps
With her own present parceled, she smartly gift wraps
For a guest room display to impress any crowd
If you slip away safe, you’re the luck of the draw

Some species revel in female control
With males kept in check in a pheromone haze
Among them there’s order – no big mindless wars
No hate for the one just for whom he adores
Woman, show our rat minds how to exit the maze
Do make of my dickness a scarlet flag pole

Scarlett’s Place is a space for all women disgraced
In the heart of humanity’s humbled plight
When you see my eye distant erect up the sleeve
Take me up for a fucking, then once you conceive
You’ve a meal with appeal to the young not in sight
As they come of age we are all then replaced

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