Fit For General Human Consumption?

Easy Appeal to a Broad Audience

My exposure to others is something I fear
On the one hand because of some potent concern
For the safety of others. My conscience is sure
That its own self is safe. I feel I am impure
As a substance consumable as I discern
Criticism from others I may overhear.

On the other hand, I have an uncanny sense
Of assessing the moods of the folks I’m around.
This talent comes in handy when people need care
And unyielding compassion. I’m willing to share
What I have with another so some peace is found
In the heartfelt connection. Healing will commence.

Being fully transparent, I’ve no poker face
To present to a public I don’t care to fool.
Strongly charged my emotions are easily seen.
The downside is that I must work to keep them clean.
Personality should not be used as a tool
To extract from another some measure of grace.

There is practical freedom in living each day
To the fullest with no false assumptions in place.
Recognition is futile if fame is at stake.
All my quaint misperceptions must shock me awake
From a very long deep sleep. In time I’ll embrace
All it is that I’m seeking in my unique way.

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