Adult Detention

Sorry I’m late getting home, dearest one.
The kids felt I had to stay after today.
It seems I failed a pop quiz this morning.
They had given me ample time and forewarning.
Yet came time to perform, I fell short anyway.
They insisted I needed to learn to have fun.

It’s funny; I’d thought I had joy down pat.
I have you, after all, and a well fulfilled life
In the most gracious land on this planet earth.
Blessings have followed me since my humble birth.
But the children are wise; of good will, they are rife
And quite ready to party that drop of a hat.

Not much interest in math or obeying school rules
Except for the ones that they make on the fly.
The kids these days are atrociously haughty…
Excelling at whatever is silly and naughty.
Life’s a game to them, and today I learned why.
Their lesson provided me wholesome life tools.

The closer one is in time from our Maker
The more one remembers all lessons worth learning.
That means that all babies are wiser than I
As well as all elders soon ready to die.
That does put me at ease. There’s no sense in my yearning.
Of mirth they’re the givers, and I am their taker.

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