Does The Doggie Go Through A Life Review?

Will My Doggie Go Through A Life Review?

Will my pooch see a Council of Elders by way
Of transition into doggie spirit world?
My guess is he’ll bypass such rigmarole.
The Council need not greet the hip doggie soul.
He returns well-acquainted; his spirit’s unfurled.
He dashes abliss off in spirit dog play.

In benevolent bow-wow they bow and lay grace
Upon spirit dog keepers who await their arrival.
They frolic in fanciful fun-filled finesse.
‘Tis their honor for taking on human earth stress.
Their deeds done on earth anoint Records Archival.
In heaven they assume their most rightful place.

When in hindsight as ass nasty poodle chews, it
Speaks well to Nature’s intention to guide
The often brass spirit of human endeavor.
And, given dog love, they would bless us forever.
They are unconditional; they have nothing to hide.
When the poodle bites, this alone will amuse it.

Come back to earth, dude, I’ll see you again.
There will be celebration and fanfare galore.
My life span is longer; I’ll wait here for you,
And then we will kindle our bonding anew.
I’m indebted to you… You’re no kind to keep score.
So long, pal, and thank you for being a Friend.

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