Offer the Wall

I’m off the wall but just a little bit more
Yet not nearly as much as the offest of all
I’m right off my rocker and don’t wanna know how
To get right back on it. I’m in heaven by now.
If someone looks me down, that’s my cue to stand tall.
I am proud to announce I’m a nut to the core.

If earth were a sweet cheek I’d stand on my face.
Since it’s not quite like that, yet, I’ll settle for knowing
Of nothing that makes any sane person’s sense.
Any chaos around me I see as pretense
In theatre of hell where life’s fun and it’s snowing.
Yes, I’m kooky as dookie yet much deeper than space.

This coffer’s a proffer who’s offered to all
In the midst of prevailing winds of change.
As a sensible screwball I note when I see
World leaders behaving as if they were three.
I’m often reminded that I’m not so strange
Compared to most folks on this batty ball.

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