Blaine Hussein!

Blaine Hussein!  Life’s a tax on my brain.
When I pray to Allah ‘seems the Pope answers back
When I tell the man, “Go away; you’re not the one,”
He gawks at me sideways, the son of a gun.
Much ado about scripture… it’s hard to keep track.
Such a mess of a matrix; I’m driven insane.

We are all but a mixture of this thing and that.
Even cells that we are are not really our own.
And as thought forms become us, we’re well on our way
Toward believing enlightenment rules come what may.
Do I cling to my act like a dog on a bone?
Too many groups, it seems, know where ‘it’s’ at.

Blaine Hussein with no gain for an alien mane
Does dwell well among us as Jesus once did.
If you glance at a mirror you might see him there.
If you spot him in public, don’t shout, “Bomb; Beware!”
Don’t vote for a person hell bent to get rid
Of ‘those’ rag-headed weirdos so dark and arcane.

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