Semi-Lucid Dream

All Enclusive Anoneness

Those I interact with in this vivid half dream
Can be only part real, as subconscious creates
From a playbook of lessons I’m destined to learn.
People who I encounter can’t be of concern
Nor can I demand substance from non-awake states.
Characters in this half-life must be as they seem.

Nothing that I derive should make substantial sense.
It de-sanctifies logic. I should stand at ease
In pursuit of perfection of nebulous form
Where most intense emotion is rendered lukewarm.
I must know that all actors will do as they please.
What directs all behavior denies self-offense.

I discern from conditions while fully awake
What I’m most having trouble with. Then I recall
An enlightened absurdity present and strong.
It becomes a nonsequitur that I ‘belong’
To the world that I’m dreaming. I don’t know it all
Nor can I make believe anything is at stake.

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