Obsessively Driven

Examine You Attitudes

Sustenance is a given but not on this earth.
In the world disembodied such isn’t the case.
When existing as pure spirit nothing one needs
But divine grace, whereas in this world what proceeds
To hijack people’s focus is all that we chase.
We exalt acquisition and give it much worth.

The concern is with getting all that we may need
Multiplied by a factor ensuring success.
We must win by a landslide to mitigate fear.
There’s no notion of ‘too much,’ and what we hold dear
Will endure dissipation. Some can’t go for less
Than their oversized visions that rely on greed.

So Obsessively Driven our indigent souls
See less value in providence offered for free
By all mightier powers of spirit unseen.
Fearful feelings of worth feed the grotesque machine
That supports the few families efficiently.
Luckily we have free will to temper our goals.

Goal achieving is reckless when out of control
Of the peace ever silent that guides from within.
We become, then, pugnacious and lacking in charm.
In pursuit of our pleasures we do others harm.
Earthly structures are rigid and wear the heart thin.
What on earth besides spirit can render us whole?

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