From Deep Below

Digestion of Thought

In the parts of the psyche where feelings digest
With my daily experience, what does occur
Will affect the thought process for better or worse.
Interactions with others I cannot rehearse.
Life should go ever smoothly as I would prefer.
Its significant challenge presents as a test.

Far along on my path I’d expect that with ease
Understanding would carry me through to the end.
Yet the path takes a beating and gets more complex
Although richer in content that living reflects.
A grotesque enough puzzle to not comprehend
Is a fanciful blessing bestowed to appease.

 Revelations impact and transform from within.
Feeling somewhat unsettled as peristalsis
Moves the matter of meaning, I’m in the best space
To assimilate living with wisdom and grace.
Who on earth would not cherish a life filled with bliss?
Going deeper within self is where to begin.

When I feel to extreme, then the proper release
Is through means that mix meaning with all that I feel.
It becomes beneficial to digestive health
To feed body and spirit. Wellness it the wealth
Necessary for freedom and worldwide appeal.
Within proper alignment I do find my peace.

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