Leap Of Faith

Nothing can feel much better than helplessness gone
With regard to decisions and looking ahead
To whatever awaits. I’ve no reason to fear.
I’ll add to the unknown all that which I hold dear.
Ideation of failure and ultimate dread
Have no place in my outlook. I see a new dawn.

I can speak about difficult issues with ease
And without shame or guilt with the ones that I know.
Feeling light is delightful. The jump is not far
From the unfulfilled soul to the shining rock star.
For this world I create what I’m destined to show
With the ego not having the urge to appease.

At the mercy of others is no place to be
For the free ranging spirit who must carry on
Despite obstacles, issues, and urges to quit.
Perception of rejection I shall not permit.
The conclusion of wellness for me is foregone.
Form acceptance from others I set myself free.

The appropriate Springboard for getting across
The steep chasms life offers is to one’s own taste.
The more force of potential, the more height is gained
And my rate of production cannot be constrained.
Nowhere in this reality am I misplaced.
When I do sense rejection I suffer no loss.

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