Taking Stock

All That Needs To Be Done

Better health and vitality we all desire
Except those who, too weary, have strength to protest
Sanity and civility. I have a choice
In what I’m taking stock of. Do I add my voice
To the spewing of hatred or to all the rest
Or to neither for fear of grief that may transpire?

I cannot remain neutral. Because I’m alive
And assumed to be human, I must take a stand
As commanded by nature of the human kind.
There is no way to change the way I am designed.
Choosing one or the other, still I will expand
Toward the objective balance wherein I may thrive.

What supports my survival better than concern
That wellbeing, once foremost, has lost its value
Among our troubled species? I now get to choose
How these times and my living through them will infuse
Me with passion to act. If done so without clue
Then the consequences may be much more than stern.

Carry on with ambition. The usual way,
With focus not distractible, works like a charm.
Reassess what is freedom and change, if you must,
What still harbors delusion and tacit mistrust.
Taking Stock in your spirit cannot do you harm.
It can never deceive you nor lead you astray.

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