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Law Of Attraction Explained


When the Law of Attraction is clearly explained
To us by those who’ve mastered it then it’s easy
To become educated in living life well.
Knowing how the Law works is like casting a spell
Of deliberate creation. Things come to be
As your most positive vibration is maintained.

You attract what you feel, who you are, how you act,
And what’s on your mind at any given moment.
In the absence of what you want know that it’s there
Ready for you and you have to be more aware
Of the feeling of having it then be content.
Let the universe transform your dream into fact.

Visualize what you want and get specific.
Use your vivid imagination to create
A feeling of excitement. Go there as often
As you can. Things can happen quickly for you when
You put feeling into it. Remain in that state
Of elation. Your happiness will do the trick.

As you think so shall you be so think carefully.
Like attracts like. If you can see it in your mind
Then you can hold it in your hand. If you believe
This is true you become more able to receive
What you’re focused on. Things happen when you’re aligned
With the marvelous person whom you’ve come to be.

You’ll See It When You Believe It

Deep Thought

You’ll See It When You Believe It. This is to say
That a thing is first vibrational energy.
If you tune yourself to it then it will become
Manifest. Everything that’s physical comes from
This directed mind energy. Naturally
Your belief in what you want will light up the way.

Self-improvement makes sense. We would all like to be
Happier and slimmer but unfortunately
We too often focus on ways of getting there
That don’t work and we end up in utter despair.
The fact is that a new job or a toned body
Cannot satisfy you at least not completely.

There are many ways to get the things we desire
For ourselves in our own lives but basically
It all begins with how we choose to think. “As you
Think so shall you be.”
By now you know this is true.

With this old proverb you can master how to see
Everything as something you’re able to acquire.

What you think about is what expands and grabs hold
Of your mindset which can be a good or bad thing
Depending upon how the thoughts feel within you.
If they don’t feel quite right then you know what to do.
It would hurt to end up with your ass in a sling.
Benefits of good thinking remain manifold.