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Keep Going

Morning Run

When the going gets tough you know just what to do.
Don’t give up. Laugh in the face of adversity.
Put one foot in front of the other. Keep Going.
How you feel about living life means everything
To inspired perseverance and high energy.
No one can overcome your resistance but you.

When you lose your smile you lose your way easily
In the chaos of life. You’re the master of your
Attitude. You can’t control what happens to you
But you can change you thoughts about it. When you do
Things will change. The feeling of good luck will endure.
Each step forward is a new opportunity.

When you have a strong purpose in life you need not
Be pushed into things. Your passion takes you right there.
Guard well your thoughts when you’re alone and your words when
You’re with others. When you realize your truth then
Your inner guidance will make you much more aware
Of the things about your life that matter a lot.

Nothing can disturb your peace of mind unless you
Allow it. You’re in charge of your own happiness.
Courage is feeling fear and not letting it be
A diminisher of creative energy.
You’re the one who evaluates you own progress.
Be accepting of all that’s exciting and new.

The Lion Mentality

Business King

If the lion is king of the jungle then how
Can he be that since he’s not the biggest creature
Nor the fastest or smartest? It’s all attitude.
Many people process other people as food.
Their mindsets have a truly disturbing feature.
Compassion is a feeling they will not allow.

When a lion sees an elephant he thinks lunch.
When an elephant sees a lion it will run.
The lion isn’t overcome by hyenas.
It’s important for lions to be as fee as
Possible so that all their hunting can get done.
About enlightenment they don’t care a whole bunch.

Real lions love to hunt. They love the process just
As much as they love getting the ultimate prize.
When you are a true hunter you don’t go by time.
You go by the gazelle and it isn’t a crime
To do so. It is one of the natural highs
Of the hunter. To get to that meat is a must.

Nothing impressive happens in the gazelle mode.
It’s when you want to give up and run away from
Other lions or the lion inside of you.
In the mode of the hunter you’re devoted to
Hunting and eating. It’s too aggressive for some
But to no one is your sense of wellbeing owed.