The Hidden Revealed

War of Emotions

My inaction is fueled by subconscious desire.
If I act I’m impulsive, excessively so.
What influences me I do not understand
On the cognitive level. The challenge at hand
Is to show what’s been hidden so others may know
That no logical thought does the process require.

Conflict can be dispassionate just as the bliss
When the mind fully present observes and discerns.
It detaches its tether in times of great need
For emotional cleansing. The soul must be freed
Of obsessive behavior so wellness returns.
All that stays in the darkness becomes the abyss.

Hidden aspects of life surface, and they evoke
Intense feelings. My business is not for display.
But the ways we view living should be shared by all
By however we’re gifted. If life does enthrall
Then my purpose is simply to write and obey
All the unseen who guide me and banish my cloak.

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