Move Forward In Life

There’s a way to move forward. It’s all in the flow
With my fellow electrons throughout the highway.
Every run through the circuitry is a complete
Orchestration of happenings that will repeat
Pretty much in the same way. I’ll call it a day.
The path is made available for all to know.

But we can’t proceed backwards. That is not allowed
Because in time, AC is not what we perceive.
We think only in DC. Time has direction.
We can play with time in the mind and have some fun.
Our perceptions are stronger though. So, we believe
Moving forward at full current makes us all proud.

Often I lose direction, but not every day.
And whenever that happens, I’m called to assess
Which parts of my own circuitry are still alive
And which parts suffer burnout and tend to deprive
Me volition of voltage to manage my mess.
Living in simple series can be the right way.

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