Just A Kind Word

The Harmonizer

Socializing for business or pleasure may be
Put on hold and made distant for safety concerns.
These times are indeed fortunate. Going within
One’s own personal nature is surely no sin.
Harmonizing with others is fine, but one learns
That acquainting with selfhood can set the heart free.

With the ones in my world I cooperate well
But too rarely do satisfaction I maintain.
Folks find me entertaining when I’m on a roll.
I receive inspiration from deep in my soul
So that from interacting there is much to gain.
Words expressed with some kindness is not a hard sell.

On this day I will get out and go for a stroll.
Everyone that I meet I will greet with a smile
And a word of compassion if that’s what it takes
To ensure I’m connected. The spirit awakes
From the slumber of solitude. And for a while
I will be a lot closer to feeling I’m whole.

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