I Practice the Science of Deliberate Creation

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It’s an art and a science that I practice well.
It’s a science because it is based in hard fact.
It has laws that can be disobeyed by no one.
It’s an art because all can agree that it’s fun.
Because thoughts are so powerful, they do attract
Situations that match them, like casting a spell.

I can glide on a carpet through space in my mind.
It’s where all thoughts available to me reside.
I may chose any thought. That is all up to me.
By the way that I’m thinking is how I will be.
And the way that I feel now is my own best guide
Toward a temperament transformed to one that is kind.

When I give thought to anything, I’m in the mode
Of creation by default. I don’t have to move
Or to do anything to attract things to me.
If my thoughts are deliberate, I will soon see
Their full manifestation. That’s how I improve.
I am thankful that blessings unto me are flowed.

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