Fuel Your Desire


The self must feel good; God commanded it so!
To do harm to others would not cross one’s mind
Were such a person well off and ‘at one
Like the typical lighthearted sun of a gun.
‘Ain’t a thing of more import for all living kind
Than ensuring a good feeling’s ready to flow.

Though twenty-four seven’s my usual shift
I have time to step casual and have it all ways.
My momma told me, “Girl, do what you want.
You must go forth in life as your own debutante.
Don’t do what you don’t want to gain others’ praise
Your own inner guidance is your natural gift

I endeavor to stay in that ‘feeling good’ place.
It isn’t too difficult if I know how.
It’s a matter of reaching for thoughts that feel good
And of working to stay there despite humanhood.
It sure helps to stay focused right here in the ‘now.’
Life is wide open country and stepping with grace.

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