Fear Is Just Guidance


Often times I am not in the receiving mode.
If wellbeing is plentiful, why do I fear
That something could go wrong in the blink of an eye?
Fear is part of my makeup. Should I wonder why?
It’s by habit I contemplate outlook austere
When in truth much blessing is upon me bestowed.

 It’s my own conscious thinking preventing the flow
Of the grace that abounds. I need but let it in.
To relax and then quiet the mind is the way,
Or release into slumber until the next day,
Or direct my thoughts consciously but from within.
I’m afraid of creating from that which I know.

I could see fear as guidance toward more clarity.
I may seek out acceptance in every wrong place.
Sometimes utter wellbeing looks like a fan club,
But all fans fan themselves. And that’s really the rub.
Love is fear inside outward if I will embrace
All of it as a prelude to prosperity.

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