Don’t Lose Heart

Overwhelming Impatience

Limitations need blasting. If I have my way
Then the whole world may benefit. Why can’t they see
That what I have to say, though not easy to hear,
Is of vital import? How do I commandeer
Due respect from all others? To listen to me
Seems an order that people don’t want to obey.

Well, that’s fine then. Don’t listen! I’ll still run my mouth
Like there’s no true beginning nor ending to speech.
Do I need to set boundaries? This self I claim
Is immune to attraction. Am I then to blame
For this feeling of failure for goals I can’t reach
And the reason relationships tend to go south?

Though I cannot lose heart having lived my life wrong
Still I must make atonement for sins of the past.
My own will and the wills of most others compete.
When To Be becomes battle, I need to retreat
To the truth of my heart by remaining steadfast
In my quest to connect through a voice clear and strong.

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