Completely Rebuilt

Bravely Flirtatious

Attracting others with my big, beautiful smile
Is a talent I live for. I like being blue.
It’s a color of coolness, which suits me quite well.
From all walks of life, people’s hearts I do impel
To rebuild in each moment a positive view.
It is useless to see life as one constant trial.

Delightful yet observant and brave I must be
In the heights of society. So well to do
Are the vehicles’ people that doubt I’ll fit in
Without losing my pride may do harm to my grin.
With much love and affection I can make it through
Regular maintenance keeps me running fear free.

My wellbeing increases my self-confidence
And helps keep up my youthfulness. Love at first glance
Is what I want to happen when I interact.
It’s important I make a terrific impact
Whether it’s by my own choice or if it’s by chance.
I’ll take life at face value and at my expense.

At expressing my love, I’m also very good.
My experiences have taught me to be kind
To the people I know and to cars on the way
To wherever they’re going throughout every day.
As my spirit awakens, I’m fully aligned,
And my purpose for being is well understood.

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