What Am I Receiving?


In the swamp of reception, there’s much to perceive.
Any mouth with the means may make much of the air.
We each have every right to speak what’s of the heart,
In the mind… and to whomever one needs impart
One’s own point of view. Is it wise to be aware
Of what I am receiving while set to believe?

What remains quite amazing is that we each see
A reality unique unto what is known.
If I say it’s a swamp, one may swear it’s a lake.
To erupt in disorder would be my mistake.
We force feed our realities until full grown.
Then, too often, we feel that the world should agree.

Any swamp can get murky, and it can come clean,
And be lit by the brightness of full clarity.
What I listen to regularly has effect
On myself and the outcome. I’m free to select
Any cry from the swamp that speaks something to me.
I receive, most apparently, what is unseen.

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