The Other One

To Which Self One Refers

Who knows not of the struggle to simply survive
Let alone live in dignity with only love
To sustain and protect unions destined to be?
Through the eyes of The Other One to what degree
Can be seen due respect from below or above?
What’s been honored in heaven the earth will deprive.

We depend on the other to know who we are.
Because there are so many of us it’s become
Commonplace to embellish the fear that we own
At expense to the other with motives unknown
Yet unknown is the nature of where fear comes from.
We enact as a species a deep facial scar.

Projecting on to others ourselves in a way
As to welcome true insight are we at are best.
But it seems we need others to prove ourselves right.
It becomes such an issue we’re willing to fight
Tooth and nail to defend what is already blessed.
Ignorance is the high price we’re destined to pay.

Confrontations emotional to nature’s call
To demand resolution in what has been made
Turbulent and destructive are scheduled so far
Into visionless future we curse who we are.
What benevolent race would dare come to our aid?
The question can be answered by one and by all.

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