Take a Break from the Race


What the heck is my hurry? I’m not the vane hare
Whose over self-confidence caused him to lose.
Nor am I the wise tortoise so steadfast and true.
I’m just an old human with not much to do.
I came for the joy – not singing the blues
And the folks at the finish line don’t really care.

There’s a rumor the line at the ‘end’ isn’t there…
That the end we are reaching will never arrive.
I believe that is so. Every action I take
Is for one purpose only – for ecstasy’s sake.
That is why things exists; I thank God I’m alive.
Since I’ve never been dead, what is there to compare?

‘Lighten up and laugh more,’ is some simple advice
That I usually get from my circle of friends.
They see that I’m often caught up in a race.
If I don’t reach the ‘finish,’ I’ve egg on my face.
All is well with my running. My winning depends
Not on effort and sweat, but on thoughts that are nice.

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