Rules For Living

Common Sense Spiritual Wisdom

That great love and great achievements involve great risk
One should consider deeply. In life when you lose
Do not lose the lesson that was prepared for you.
Be respectful to yourself and other folks too
In your actions. Take care in the thoughts that you choose.
Let the past go the way of the old floppy disk.

Not getting what you want can be a stroke of luck.
Learn the rules well so you can break them properly.
Don’t let a little dispute destroy a friendship.
When you’ve found that you’ve made a mistake, a good tip
Is to settle it promptly and efficiently.
Do take ownership of it, and don’t pass the buck.

Spend some time alone every day. Open your arms
To change, but don’t let go of your values. Silence
Is sometimes the best answer. You can live a life
That is honorable. Enjoy playing the fife
Of intended contentment. It makes commonsense.
Give to people that you know the gift of your charms.

A loving atmosphere in your home is for you
The foundation of your life. In disagreements
With loved ones, deal only with what’s happening now.
Don’t bring up events of the past, but do allow
The expression of true feelings with no expense
Of soul substance. Be gentle in all that you do.

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