“Bridge Freezes Before Road Surface” – That’s Been My Sign!
Although not to my liking, it has served me well.
It’s been easy to recall. Had I not been born,
Then at least I’d have had that sign, not to be sworn
To the animal star groups and their vicious spell.
As it came to remembering things, I’d done fine.

Somewhat subsequent nowness submerges in mist
As the signs of perceived times emerge from the past.
But what creates illusion is immune to sense
While it does at the same time come to our defense.
When commencing life hacking the trite trick will last
Like an imperfect fragrance with a psychic fist.

Is a life worth remembering after it’s gone
Even though when alive here it offered not much?
My technique is a riddle. My life does it speak.
It is original. In a word, it’s unique.
Words can often be forceful while soft to the touch.
Would I care to be recalled as part of a yawn?

We are all Magic Realists. We each have our rhyme
And our ways of arranging words. Some call it style.
Yet whatever we call it we tend to recall
Many parts of the big picture, then make them small.
I am learning to not live in doubt all the while,
By considering if I am wasting my time.

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