Lucky Numbers

Numeric Alignment

Eternal perfect timing’s divine interlock
Is the structure contained within each living cell.
Our awareness of particles make them behave
As if they’re being watched. Hell… they might even wave.
Wearing dark matter mittens, our story they tell
By the notice we take to the digital clock.

 When you say, “You’re my favorite” to every tree
That you meet on your path, it puts you in a place
Where you are most receptive to reassurance
That this world has your back in any circumstance.
Seeing repeating numbers are sings of its grace,
Which it has quite a bit of, yet seldom we see.

Components cooperative always gathered
And reserved for your access in perfect timing
You can bet are the workings of intent divine.
In supreme providence it will give you a sign
At particular moments that are meant to bring
Relaxation in trusting in goodness conferred.

I need not be the orchestrator of it all.
Indeed that isn’t possible. I’ll rendezvous
With the life that is due me with each noticing
Of timing synchronistic. If not a big thing
Then the coincidental is simply woo-woo,
And perhaps a good sundial is right for the wall.

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