Don’t Spank Your Monkey For Speaking Its Mind

Minding the Monkey Mind

Monkey Mind’s a behind to mankind; it’s well known
Yet his cover’s been tattered, not being well fed
The thought clinging creature let’s go each with ease
While perusing all Eden’s most sentient trees
Let his reputation be noted instead
As that of a scholar who fears he’s alone

If one just outright ignores a close friend
What’s to expect that that person will do?
Will he curtsy and send a kiss headed your way?
He’d monk with your mind through the night and by day!
It would then serve one right; any heart would construe
Admit he has good points, though spunked without end

The Mind of the Monk’s not a thing to disgrace
The pushing against what one dislikes is futile
If given its daily banana I’m sure
That contrapuntal prefrontal will cure
All the upside down hanging and blowing self brutal…
All erroneous roaming and wandering chase

The Monkey Mind needs direction, that’s all
Though a lulling to slumber will suit it just fine
Don’t curse it or dis it for doing its job
It’s a door to great wealth if you just turn the knob
There’s an interbred kinship among yours and mine
Give life a break; let that Monkey hang tall!

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