Don’t Go Back To Sleep.

Certain unspoken differences among us
Along with reservations – the product of fear,
Are retained in the psyche yet transmitted out.
Anyone who receives them can know without doubt
That signal infidelity is more than clear
In the faulty emitter. Is it worth the fuss?

When communicating while cooperating,
Sensitivities dormant may surface and cause
Instant misunderstanding if words are released.
As potential for tension is greatly increased,
Each unto the other will showcase all their flaws.
All who gather want to see who takes the first swing.

Some of us are mind readers. In fact, we all are.
It’s pathetically dormant in most. That is why
Faith is all that we have when extending our trust.
The glass mind that holds hatred can hardly adjust
To the tune of humanity. Rather, they’d die
Than make peace with the past and its butt ugly scar.

Why we speak the unspeakable in dark of night
Only with certain others or maybe alone
Is no secret to anyone. Should it be said?
Or should minds remain locked so that evil may spread?
Neither choice is acceptable, and it’s unknown
When we will have evolved in a way that is right.

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