A Most Charming Enigma

The Tenacious Achiever

Your beauty is traditional. Most expressive,
You’ll refuse to reveal yourself to anyone
But the creatures enamored by your cleverness.
Always pertly competitive, you see success
As an ongoing challenge that’s ever begun.
With daring and tenacity is how you live.

Your actions do much more than the words that you speak.
Observing others’ actions you do quietly.
Your experiences are quite unparalleled.
Loyalty to your master is never withheld.
Your delightful intelligence helps all to see
Strategies for the living of life at its peak.

Taking people on wild rides you do with the skill
Of a mystical tour guide of wonders untold.
Playing games in enchanted lands gives you access
To the wisdom of ages whereby you impress
Anyone who’s aboard you by what may unfold
In the realm of excitement and magical thrill.

Human-like are your qualities. Having been made
By a sorcerer wizard along with siblings
To assist worthy masters, you have found your place
Among those who consider you part of their race.
In the end a true friendship is what it all brings.
We applaud your magnificent service crusade.

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