Wool Is Velcro To A Hairy Black Ass

Velcro is wool to a hairy black ass.

Another rent payment lost in the mail
Post Office said, “Sorry we let you down.”
Another six weeks then the refund will come.
Why is it that I am left looking so dumb?
The woolshit in life tends to make a soul frown.
It’s because I attracted this tooth to the nail.

I can own that, you know; it is not a big deal.
It’s a moment of clarification for me.
The first half cycle is to notice what’s wrong
And the second half is to sing the right song
I’ll take that bounce gladly. It helps me to see
I’m a focused light being of power pineal.

The rest of the day was a mess just as well
After reading those rascals the riot act.
I was raging about in an impatient craze.
With the world in slow motion I wondered “Who pays
The people around me to keep the deck stacked
Against me? Has some kind witch cast a mean spell?”

It’s all over for now. I’ll just breathe a deep sigh.
Years ago, surely I would have taken a drink
But that’s the old me; I’m a poet today
As I’m writing stuff down I’m delighted to play.
From pissed off and postal to one tickled pink
Transformation is treasured. This too has gone by.

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