Conjugation of Daho

Daho was made a state of the union one time.
It took pride in infinitive providence such
That its residents felt everything was just fine
Until when they took to a much better design
To include all the attributes grammar likes much
All to exhibit representation sublime.

A verb does have its voice. It also has its mood.
And on good days a good verb will sing a good song,
So we know what on bad days a bad verb will do.
Do not give a verb guff; it will predicate you
To whatever it’s feeling. Don’t make it feel wrong.
Any verb can get nasty and treat someone rude.

So now back to the case of Daho. As we know,
To live now and to dream of tomorrow come past
Tends to make a verb tense, and Dahoans as well
So they came up with number and person to tell
All the nation Dahoans don’t do things half assed.
It’s a state now where grammar fanatics can go…

I-Daho, You-Daho; He, She and It-Dahos…
Such is life on the west side where singulars stay.
On the east side there’s We-Daho; They-Daho too.
Since they’re plural, they get along fine with the You.
It was back in the day when Dahoans had sway
Until conquered by gerunds with will to transpose.

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