Letting Go Can Be Easy

Considering Worthiness

To let go of control takes lots of self-control.
It’s not easy to let go. It feels counter to
What I’m asking for. I think I’m meant to do things
That I’m not doing. My ignoring only brings
A bad feeling. The things that I am meant to do,
I will let myself do them. That’s my only goal.

I’d been struggling my way with determination
And goal setting. When I’d tried to figure things out,
Things would worsen because I’d been swimming upstream.
One could not have imagined my life was a dream.
Constantly I was wallowing in fear and doubt.
Time for myself I could muster little to none.

But my life has caused me to create it. I know
That it’s waiting. My Source is attending to it
And becoming it. I know that I’m being called
Toward it. It is spiritually enthralled
With my wishes. I know that it will never quit
Its support. Its advice I will gladly follow.

It is natural for things to turn out for me
In the way that I want them to. I’m satisfied
That there’s no rush. I’ve plenty of time to relax
And to give all my negative thinking the ax.
I depend on my Source as my ultimate guide.
Letting go of control can be done easily.

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