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Giving Thanks

One Of Life's Simple Pleasures

Giving Thanks comes most naturally during times
When hate is at a standstill and there’s little fear.
A distraction is needed from all that goes on.
When relaxing with family with curtains drawn
We may ponder the things that make our lives so dear
And forget about humanity’s awful crimes.

It is time to be present and wildly awake
To the nature of kindness and the loving ways
It evokes some forgiveness and understanding
Of our weak human natures. The good it will bring
Is the chance to allow our consciousness to raise
To a level more civil for survival’s sake.

Thankfulness is a given for those not on edge
Or uptight or down trodden. It’s easy to find
Many things to be thankful for when conditions
Are most favorable. Among our traditions
This one is of significance. It can remind
Us that growth is a process to which we all pledge.

For those not in a safe space, I pray that they be
Comforted by the cosmos wherever they are.
God has given me this life that I may behold
What must take place among us. Great blessings untold
We may yet be most worthy of. We may be far
From perfection yet we carry on, thankfully.