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Cradled In Kindness

The Universal Wisdom Of Love

“So, describe a moment when you experienced
True and pure grace and you knew it”
was the request.

She was quick in responding. She knew right away
How to answer. She had wonderful things to say
About one Muslim woman and at the behest
Of the requester only truth would be dispensed.

After her horrible divorce she got away
From it all to an island in Indonesia
As she spent time recovering from depression.
There was some deep emotional work to be done
In seclusion and silence. Perhaps amnesia
May have helped to mitigate the utter dismay.

When she felt better she would each day walk around
The island. It was tiny. The village was poor.
What they fished for that day was what people would eat.
Everyday one certain Muslim woman would greet
Her by smiling and touching her heart. To endure
Existence, somewhere in the heart love must be found.

The woman in this true story got very sick
With food poisoning. For several days she could
Not take her daily walk, but the Muslim woman
Had a feeling that something was wrong. She began
To search throughout the village hoping that she would
Find the sick woman. Her caring was fantastic.

When she found this sick woman, she left then came back
With some food and fresh water. Her kindness caused her
To sob deeply as the Muslim woman cradled
Her in her arms. Nothing of her love was withheld.
She’s now her face of Islam. What did here occur?
In this story is there a whole lot to unpack?