The Act Of Belonging

The Procession of Strength

Bravery in emoting could use a facelift
During both times of turmoil and those of relief
From the ills that befall us as one human race.
Will we turn back to nothingness without a trace
To be found after eons? All lifespans are brief
And each moment of sharing indeed is a gift.

Need one don bravery in the absence of fear?
In an ideal world, there’s little need for defense
Of our most fervent feelings. But This World Is Real.
As our hearts blend, we move toward the greater ideal.
We evolve as a species but at great expense
When only in disaster we know what is dear.

Sensitive to the needs of all others are we
If we’re willing to feel that. This talent also
Is a tool in our toolbox from our distant past.
We survived by belonging. No one was outcast.
It may be that we don’t have a long way to go
Toward some betterment. Knowing we’re one is the key.

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