I Get What I Expect


I can know that my thought is where I left it last.
Once I notice that, I can do something with it.
I can score a few points if I make that my goal.
Much of life is like tossing a ball through a hole.
I create not by thinking it out as I sit.
When the thought has become me, I hold it steadfast.

I would like such to happen. This is the best start.
Because when I identify what I prefer
I’ll become a vibrational match to the same.
It’s the sure way that I know to sharpen my game.
When aware of how I feel, no thought can occur
That would bring about failure. That is playing smart.

As I move about mindfully, awkward in form
While I dribble the game piece and stake out my turn,
Most of what can but happen will not be by chance.
When I stare at that hoop, I’m in pure thought expanse.
If I don’t make it this time, that’s no one’s concern
But my own. Other players don’t weather my storm.

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