Anticipating Bad News

(no caption)

When an unhappy end meets a journey begun,
It’s as if I’ve been punched by life in the gut hard.
I can’t see others’ issues. I only see mine,
Yet, if anyone asks, I will tell them I’m fine.
When momentum has gathered, I can’t disregard
The full wave of discomfort within me homespun.

But has anything ended? No lead shoe has dropped.
It may be that my outlook has taken a dive
Due to things I’ve been looking at and taking in,
Knowing full well that taking in filth is a sin.
Destination awaits with no drill to arrive.
As I regain some focus, I cannot be stopped.

There are big things and small taking place everywhere.
I’ve no need to experience all that is known.
Someone may drop a bombshell. The earth may explode.
That would be less severe than content overload.
I’ll stay informed of self. Throughout life it has shown
That there are many things of which I should not care.

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