Is It Something You’ll Say?

Is it something you’ll say that will put you away
Through asylum, impeachment or natural cause?
Is it something that you may have already said
To someone who is wired or sleeps in your bed?
You’ve become a fine screwup. You deserve applause
Before you have completed you very last day.

You bit off a big chunk. Is it too much for you
Given apprenticeship with the art of your deal?
‘Lock Her Up!’ …did I hear you say? What about now?
If you both did some time maybe that would allow
Such a railroaded nation to finally heal.
Why not find a way out? That’s the right thing to do.

You said once, a frail woman would need lots of rest
If she took on high office. Your humor is fine.
You’re no pillar of strength. Your base will see the light
Through the long-darkened tunnel grow ever more bright.
When your girl child is threatened, you will then resign.
The nation will recover. It’s all for the best.

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