Hidden Tensions

Shades of Discontent

Stimulating potential is hidden within
Overlapping concerns for the issues at hand.
One may act in a manner not socially sound
Or one can take the high road where insight is found.
Everything that must take place as I take a stand
Is for my observation. There I shall begin.

I will react on impulse to difficult news
But not in the brief instant does discord evolve
To a festering madness that I must release.
Does working my way through it offer any peace?
Yes it can with good guidance to soothe and absolve
The self-destructive spirit of singing its blues.

Hidden Tensions examined can show me the way
That my heart has held onto the things that don’t fit
That were kept out of habit and simple neglect.
Can I muster the courage to kindly reject
All the pain from past episodes? Can I permit
The unseen to be shown? Does it brighten my day?

Obstacles to believing that things will work out
Will continue bombarding me. And as they do
I must not be offended nor blinded by hope.
Tried and true is this method that I use to cope
With apparent disaster. It comforts me too.
This one thing about living I know without doubt.

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